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If you allow us to visit your business or home We will be courteous and respectful to you, your family as well as your property. No matter what.

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We offer top quality clean-up that is free of residue for a low cost, in addition, the company has been named as the best by our clients. Our carpet cleaning, area rug and upholstery cleaning prices are competitive with our unique steam cleaning techniques and highly skilled cleaning professionals

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With over 10 years of expertise and over 4000 regular customers, we assure the best cleaning services 100%.​

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All our cleaners are expertly trained. They are professionally screened and never subcontracted.​

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We use the most advanced method and most powerful tools to ensure the best job for your carpet and upholstery.

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We recognize your home is important to you. That’s why we converge on the quality of the clean. Our cleaners care about your home as much as we do.



Dr Steam Carpet Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your carpets will keep your carpets safe from causing health problems for you. They’re the perfect source of allergens and bacteria. Additionally, they could expose your family to harmful pollutants. Particularly if you have young pets or children or if someone living at home suffers from allergies, regular cleaning of your carpet is vital.

No Surprises

We will provide you with an itemized price list so that you know the amount your cleaning project will cost before we arrive to your house. The only cleaning service within the region can offer you complete pricing details such as this! Another reason you’ll love us is that we are the best.

How do you calculate the cost of cleaning:

Our prices are by the square feet that need to be cleaned. To determine the amount of square feet within a space, measure its width (in feet) and then multiply it with the width. Add the square foot value of each room that needs to be cleaned to arrive at the total square feet. Compare the costs of the services that are listed to find out what the price will be BEFORE we arrive to your residence. The price list is published to help you understand exactly what you can expect when our arrival. No surprises!


Rug Cleaning

Carpet cleaning isn’t the same as cleaning carpet. There are various kinds of carpets, and If they are cleaned incorrectly, the rug could be damaged or even destroyed. We utilize our kid and pet-friendly cleaners to ensure your safety and avoid harmful chemicals. Our procedure is quick and green. Let us restore those vibrant colors to your rug!

Our Process

Here at Dr Steam Carpet cleaning, we pride ourselves on cleaning floors and carpets however, we are also excellent rug cleaners too. We can take care of the rugs you have, including Persian and Oriental carpets and other kinds of rugs that you might have. When you have a rug, we will give it great care. We can tidy your area rugs when you're at home, or bring them home with us, wash them, and then bring them to you clean and fresh.

When cleaning your rug it is important to first determine what kind of rug you’ve got. This includes analyzing how the rug was weaved using glue to keep the rug in place (some rug designs do not need glue to keep the weave in place) as well as the fabric and also the type of dye used to color the fabric. This helps us make sure that we use appropriate cleaning products which are harsh on dirt but not your rug. Then, we’ll wash your rugs with a similar method to our carpet cleaning method.

Rug Cleaning Guarantee

The Rug Cleaning services will safeguard your rug and ensure it is well-maintained for the future. The rug’s fibers are cleaned with care, removing dust, dirt, and other foreign materials without harming the rug. Our certified cleaning staff can determine the best cleaning technique for your rug, ensuring its security and that it will be cleaned properly.


Upholstery Cleaning

Give Your Upholstery a New Life

Let us breathe fresh the life of your furniture. Much like the flooring, you have at your workplace or in your home, the upholstery of your furniture is more durable when it is professionally cleaned. Our experts can help it appear fresh! Our unique cleaning solution as well as our powerful system for cleaning brings your furniture back to a gorgeous appearance that you might not have imagined was possible. Dust, dirt, pieces of food debris, as well as other particles are removed leaving a clean, new surface.

Our specially formulated mild cleaning solution, as well as our specially made equipment, will clean any upholstered surface including couches, love seats, recliners, and dining chairs, and even upholstery for all of your vehicles. Also, we clean the futons as well as mattresses.

Our technicians will spend time to determine what kind of upholstery your furniture is made from and then employ the appropriate cleaning procedure. You’ll be amazed by how fast your upholstery is dried (drying times will vary based on the type of fabric).

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